• Letter of intent addressed to the Quito Food Bank
  • Copy of Identity Document or Passport
  • Fill out the Volunteer Form found here on the website

Permanent Volunteer:

These are people who attend the organization regularly and have a specific task assigned in a certain process of the Foundation, according to their time, knowledge and skills.

Specific task Volunteer:

These are people who collaborate with the Food Bank for a specific time, which has been previously informed, programmed and channeled according to the skills and knowledge of the Volunteer. These are usually secondary and university students or foreign visitors.

Occasional Volunteer:

These are volunteers who collaborate directly in activities such as: rescue, classification, cleaning and organization of food, among others, they visit us when they have time that they wish to donate freely and disinterestedly in favor of low-income people.

People who provide their direct support in certain events promoted by the Food Bank Quito, such as food collection campaigns, funds, programs in favor of the beneficiaries, etc. are also considered occasional volunteers.


Students from schools or universities in the country can be linked to the Food Bank Quito through the modality of work practices related to the processes and activities we carry out. They receive the corresponding Certificate at the end of the period in which they carried out their activities.

The activities that students can do during their internships are framed within the following process map of the Foundation: