According to FAO one third of the food produced is wasted, this amounts to 1,300 million tons of food thrown away every year in the world.

In Latin America, each person wastes an average of 223 kilos of food per year and unfortunately Ecuador is on the list of countries that waste the most food.

Ecuadorians continue to discard food suitable for human consumption despite the fact that, according to the INEC, from 25% to 42% of our compatriots live in conditions of poverty, extreme poverty and indigence.


In Quito more than 100 tons of food are wasted daily, while 1 of every 7 people goes to bed without eating every night.

This waste of food occurs despite the fact that more than 800 million people suffer from chronic hunger in the world.

``Hunger is not a problem of lack of food, but distribution of it``